3-Year-Old DC Girl Awestruck by Michelle Obama Portrait Dressed as Her for Halloween

Three-year-old Parker Curry of D.C. captured hearts earlier this year when she was photographed admiring the new Michelle Obama portrait at the National Portrait Gallery. Who did she go as for Halloween? The former first lady.

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Jessica Curry
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When little Parker's parents asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween, she didn't hesitate. "I want to be Michelle Obama," her mom, Jessica Curry, recalled. With just a week and a half until Halloween, Curry worked fast to make her daughter's dreams come true.
Jessica Curry
Curry remembered that when the photo of Parker went viral, a woman contacted her and said she had started to make a children's version of Obama's iconic gown. "She tried to send us a version of the dress, but we just kept missing each other," Curry said about Alisha Welsh, who owns Magnolia Lake Children’s Clothing.
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"I knew it was going to be last-minute, but thought, 'Let me reach out to her.' And just like that, we received the handmade costume the morning of Halloween while Parker was at school. When she got home, [Parker's] jaw dropped when she saw the dress hanging up, and screamed 'Oh, it's so beautiful and perfect!'" Curry said.
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Parker loves the dress so much that she told her mom she wanted to wear it to school the day after Halloween too. "Our compromise is that she can wear it when she gets home," Curry said.
“The dress is so beautifully sewn. It’s handmade and heavy-quality material that was custom-made for Parker. When I first saw the dress, I became teary-eyed because it was such a beautiful dress," Curry said.
Jessica Curry
Parker's younger sister, Ava, was by her side as trusted "Secret Service," for protection.
Michelle Obama herself saw a photo of Parker's costume and reacted. "You nailed the look, Parker! I love it!!!!" she tweeted. The Currys were thrilled. "When my husband and I saw the retweet, we both about died,” Curry said. “It was another surreal moment, and I knew people were going to be tickled by the photo, but I did not expect all the attention she’s getting."
So what's next for 3-year-old Parker? “Parker is in the process of writing a book right now!" her mother said. Curry said details about a children's book will be announced soon. Keep up with the family here.
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