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3 Seat Pleasant Officers Suspended

The suspensions come after a News4 report on alleged misconduct within the police department

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Three Seat Pleasant police officers have been suspended after body camera video obtained by News4 appeared to show misconduct among some officers.

One of the officers suspended with pay is Marcellus Loving, who has a history of complaints ranging from unbecoming conduct to civil rights violations, sources from within the Seat Pleasant Police Department previously told News4.

Body camera video shows some of Loving’s past interactions.

"I'm not touching your back pockets that's where your *ss is at. I don't want you saying I sexually harassed you," he says in body camera video of a drug stop.

In another video, he Facetimes a friend, showing a naked man under the influence.

"Look at this sh*t," he says.

A National Guardsman says two Seat Pleasant officers beat him and shocked him with a stun gun. News4's Tracee Wilkins reports.

Loving was also involved in the 2017 arrest of D.C. National Guardsman Tayvon Eubanks, who filed a lawsuit against the city of Seat Pleasant in June.

Video shows Loving and another officer pointing their guns at Tayvon Eubanks, of D.C., and pulling him out of his car during a traffic stop in 2017 in Seat Pleasant.

"Let me see your hands! Get the f**k out of the car. Lay down," the officers can be heard yelling at Eubanks on body camera footage.

According to a police report obtained by News4, the arresting officers said Eubanks got out of the car in a fighting stance. But the body camera video appears to show he got out with his hands up.

The officers said in the report he tried to flee before they took him to the ground, but the video does not appear to show that. Police don't mention in the report that their guns were drawn.

"Get on the ground! I will shoot you! I will shoot you!" an officer says in the body camera video.

After a struggle with officers, Eubanks appears to stand on his feet, and isn't handcuffed. When he starts to run away, officers use a stun gun on him.

He had no warrants, weapons or anything illegal on him or inside of his vehicle, according to the police report.

"I was really disturbed by it," Krystal Oriadha, co-founder of PG Change Makers, said of News4's previous report.

"When you actually broke the story, that video was sent to us by different community members. They were appalled by what they saw and wanted action to be taken," Oriadha said.

PG Change Makers recently announced a protest outside the police department but canceled it after hearing from Police Chief Devan Martin.

"The chief of police reached out and wanted to have a meeting, a conversation about our recommendations and our demands," Oriadha said.

The group held a virtual townhall. Residents suggested a number of changes for the department, including reducing the size of its force and allowing more community oversight.

The police department would not disclose why Loving and two other officers were suspended, citing Maryland law that protects officers' personnel records.

"At a certain point you have to say what is in the best interest of the government and best interest of the community, and when you are at that point, it's okay for leadership sometimes to help people be successful somewhere else," Martin previously told News4.

Activists said they are meeting with Martin Wednesday night to discuss a path forward.

The three suspended officers were placed in a non-public contact role pending the outcome of an internal investigation, Martin said in a statement to News4.

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