3 Hurt When Station Wagon Slams Into Maryland Apartment Building

Three people were hurt when a driver slammed into an apartment building in Damascus, Maryland, Friday evening.

An elderly man backed his Subaru station wagon into a bedroom of an apartment on Brigadier Place and then somehow plowed into the front of the building at another angle, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue spokesperson Pete Piringer said.

The car struck two people who were in the living room of the apartment and a third person, their relative, was hit when he came outside to see what was happening.

"He hit me right in the legs, knocked me backwards in between the 4 by 4s in the walkway and I fell backwards under the car and he proceeded to drive over me," said Chad Carpenter, the third person struck.

A girl and a woman who were hurt were released from the hospital later in the night and were doing OK, a relative told News4.

"The metal frame of the window actually came and smacked down on the bed. It must've been divine intervention. It must've been something because where they were standing relative to where the car was, they should have both been pinned against the wall," Carpenter said.

Carpenter said he had minor injuries and he would take himself to the hospital.

Medics also took the driver to the hospital. He appeared to be OK.

Piringer said the building's structural integirty is fine and that residents in other apartments would not be displaced.

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