3 Awesome Google Doodle Contest Entries from Local Students

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NBC Bay Area
Akilah Johnson
Finalist in the Grades 10-12 group. Johnson worked some D.C. pride into her doodle. “I based this picture off my lifestyle and what has made me into what I am today,” she wrote. Vote for Akilah here.
Anjali Pulim
Finalist in the Grades 6-7 group. Pulim used polymer clay to craft two owls. “The owl is one of my favorite animals because they symbolize intelligence,” she wrote. Vote for Anjali here.
Preston Sakata
Finalist in the Grades K-3 group. “I wanted to represent my Japanese heritage, so I made a self portrait out of paper cranes. The Japanese refer to the crane as the ‘bird of happiness,” Sakata wrote with his doodle entry. Vote for Preston here.
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