25-Year-Old Violinist Coming to Baltimore Orchestra Plays Songs by Composers of Color

The work and sacrifices have paid off. Randall Goosby now attends The Juilliard School and has performed all over the country

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At 25 years old, violinist Randall Goosby has already recorded an album and played at the Kennedy Center Honors. But the young musician, who will be coming to Maryland soon, is also working to change the music industry for the better. 

When Goosby picks up a violin, his passion for playing is clear. He uses that passion to make a difference by featuring songs by composers of color. 

“A lot of those stories are not being told and a lot of those stories have not been known until recently,” Goosby said. 

His own story in music began when he was 7 years old. Though he grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, the teacher he clicked best with lived in New York. 

He and his mom flew there every month for lessons. To afford the bills, she worked as a waitress.

“I just consider myself really lucky that my family was there for me and that my parents were able to do the things that they did to provide for us and make sure that we had all the opportunities,” Goosby said. 

The work and sacrifices have paid off. Goosby now attends The Juilliard School and has performed all over the country. 


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“For me, it’s all about moving people and it’s all about evoking that emotional response,” he said. 

Last year, a few months after the murder of George Floyd, Goosby found himself picking songs for his new album, Roots.  

“I found myself in a really difficult place a lot of times, mentally and emotionally and trying to come to terms with the reality of this country and this society that we live in,” he said. 

For that reason, he chose to spotlight composers of color and says he’ll keep doing so for years to come.

“It was a really gratifying and fulfilling, but also healing, process for me,” Goosby said. “I’m happy to be doing what I’m doing at the time that I am.”

The young musician who aims to make an impact is already hard at work on his next album. He’ll be performing in September at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra at Strathmore in Bethesda, Maryland.  

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