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241 D.C. Teachers to Be Fired

"Poor Performance" Cited as a Cause for More Than Two-Thirds



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    Next month, 241 D.C. teachers will lose their jobs, including 166 who are being sent packing for poor performance. Another 75 failed to obtain proper certification.

    The firings are part of a new evaluation system that takes into account test scores, student growth, and outside input from evaluators.

    Teachers who are rated ineffective will lose their jobs as of Aug. 13, and they won't be eligible for severance pay.

    Another 61 school administrative employees also are being dismissed for poor performance. "We now have a better alignment between how our students are performing and how we are evaluating our teachers," D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee told News4 this morning.

    In addition to the dismissals, Rhee said anohter 737 employees -- including about 560 teachers -- were rated as "minimally effective." If they do not improve during the coming school year, they will be fired, too, Rhee said.

    Last fall, more than 200 teachers were also laid off in a move that sparked some protests.

    The D.C. school system has about 4,000 teachers. Normally about 400 to 500 change jobs voluntarily each year.