Video Shows 2 Set Off Fireworks on Porch, Damage Maryland Home

Surveillance video shows the moment two people set off an explosion of fireworks on a front porch in Riverdale, Maryland, Saturday -- frightening two homeowners and completely melting some of the siding on their house.

The homeowners, who did not want to be identified, posted the above video on YouTube and told News4 they woke to what sounded like a bomb going off at 2 a.m.

No one was injured.

One homeowner said she has no idea why the suspects in the video chose to set off the fireworks at their house.

"The kids, they were laughing and things like that. So, we were like, was it a prank?," one homeowner told News4. "We didn't know what was going on and we didn't know why they targeted our house like that or why they targeted us."

Their front door was also damaged by the smoke. It appeared M-80 fireworks were used, which are illegal in Prince George's County.


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"I live about a block away and it woke us all up. I've talked to several neighbors and they all say the same thing. About two in the morning they just heard this explosion," said resident Beth Reed.

Prince George's County Fire Department spokesperson Mark Brady said the fire marshal's office is investigating.

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