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Pickup Strikes, Kills 2 Pedestrians at Hains Point: Police

A driver suspected of hitting two people is cooperating with officers, U.S. Park Police said

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U.S. Park Police stepped up their presence at Hains Point in D.C. Sunday after two pedestrians were stuck and killed by the driver of a pickup truck the day before, the department said.

A man and a woman were hit about 10:30 a.m. Saturday on Ohio Drive, then taken to a hospital where they were pronounced dead, police said. The names of the victims were not released.

Police found the vehicle suspected in the crash and the driver is cooperating.

Hains Point is the southern tip of East Potomac Park, near the National Mall. The area is becoming more and more popular with runners, cyclists, pedestrians and drivers.

"We're all a little shaken. We've all had some scary incidences while down here," one park visitor said Sunday. "There's been times when we've had to yell at cars because they're coming over not paying attention, so it's familiar for all of us."

With scenic river views, fishing, golf and green areas, people want to go to Hains Point. But when drivers and pedestrians converge at that destination, scenery and safety vie for attention, especially as the weather warms and more people search for pandemic-proof activities outdoors.

"You kinda wonder when the weather gets a little nicer how it's going to go. And we're all used to being able to walk and now there's more people driving," one woman said.

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