2 Adults, 3 Children Escape Howard County Home Before Explosion

The family called Howard County Fire reporting a gas leak and managed to escape the explosion

Two adults and three children escaped a reported gas leak shortly before a home in Howard County, Maryland exploded into flames.

The homeowner called the Howard County fire department to the 15000 block of Busky Park Road in Woodbine late Friday night, reporting a strong odor of natural gas.

The family, along with their dog, left the home. Just as the first fire crews were arriving, there was an explosion. 

"I heard a loud boom and my room shook ..." said one neighbor. 

It was the same for neighbors blocks away from the blast.

"Everybody felt like a tree had landed on their personal houses, that's how loud and impactful it was, and then we look out the window and it's an inferno," said another neighbor, Rich Cohen. 

Additional Howard County crews and firefighters from Carroll County were called to assist and the fire was quickly controlled, the fire department said. No one was injured.

While that report of the smell of natural gas proceeded the explosion, it has not yet been ruled the cause of the explosion. Howard County Fire is working to determine the cause of the explosion. 

The house has been reduced to a pile of smoldering rubble. The property damage is about $300,000, the fire department said.

Neighbors planned to gather to see what they could do to help the family. 

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