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15th St. Reversible Rush-Hour Lanes Eliminated

15th St. will remain 2-way at all times



    15th St. Reversible Rush-Hour Lanes Eliminated

    The District Department of Transportation will eliminate 15th Street's reversible lanes during the evening rush hour, officials said.

    The change will take effect on March 15. That means15th Street between K Street and Massachusetts Avenue will function as a two-way street all the time, like most other streets in the area.

    The Downtown Business Improvement District made the request. DDOT studied traffic patterns on 15th Street and determined that four lanes are not required to handle the volume of traffic during the evening rush hour.

    "We believe this will be a positive change for the downtown area," DDOT director Gabe Klein said. "It will improve the flow of traffic, make the businesses more accessible, and make 15th Street safer for everyone: motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians."

    Signs will be posted alerting drivers to the new traffic pattern.