15 Baby Chicks Find New Homes After Man Mails Them to Ex-Girlfriend

Fifteen baby chicks have found new homes after a man mailed them to his ex-girlfriend as a prank, according to an animal rescue group in Maryland.

Earlier this month, a D.C. woman received an unexpected -- and unwanted -- delivery from her ex-boyfriend. The gaggle of one-day-old chicks arrived in the mail, with a note telling her something along the lines of "There are lots of other chicks out there," according to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Poolesville, Maryland.

But the woman had no intention of keeping the chicks, telling a postal worker she was planning to throw them into the trash, DCist previously reported.

The postal worker decided not to leave them behind, and brought them to the Washington Humane Society instead.

Now 11 days old, most of the chicks have found a safe place to live at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary -- where they'll be snuggling up in a playpen with a heat lamp until their feathers grow in.

Another rescue group, Peaceful Fields Sanctuary in Winchester, Virginia, has volunteered to take the remaining chicks.


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One has an injured leg but is recovering. The rest are healthy and active, said Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary.

It's legal to ship baby chicks through the mail, but chicks can sometimes be injured in the process, the group said.

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