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$15 Million Lawsuit Against Prince George's County Sheriff's Office

Woman claims she was raped by a deputy



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    A Prince George's County woman has filed a $15 million lawsuit against the Prince George's County Sheriff's Office and one of its deputies.

    According to the lawsuit, the woman was awaiting an appearance at the Prince George's County Courthouse June 19 when she was taken to a holding cell and raped.

    The suit was filed in Circuit Court in Prince George's County by attorney Jimmy Bell.

    It named Deputy Sheriff Lamar McIntyre as the attacker.

    Court documents show McIntyre was criminally charged in the case a month later. He faces a dozen charges of rape, sexual offense, assault and misconduct in office. 

    "The safest places you believe, as an American, you can be safe in are your home, your place of worship, and the court," Bell told News4. "When you have a situation where you have law enforcement, sworn officers, who are sexually assaulting women, making derogatory sexual comments to women, that has to stop now."

    Bell said his client is seeking damages for violations of her federal civil rights, as well as violations of his Maryland state constitutional rights, assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, violation of MD Declaration of Rights and other common law torts.