15 of the Wildest Stories on NBCWashington.com This Year

From a fight that sent wigs flying to a giant plant that can cause blindness, here's a look at some of the wildest stories that appeared on NBCWashington.com this year.

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A flight bound for Washington Dulles International Airport left passengers green this spring after a windstorm caused severe turbulence. Nearly everyone on the flight vomited, according to an urgent report filed with the National Weather Service's aviation center. Even the pilots were not spared.
The famous "Mushroom House" of Bethesda, Maryland, went back on the market after an extensive renovation earlier this year. The 5,500-square-foot house at 4949 Allan Road, near the D.C.-Maryland border, now has high-end appliances, luxury granite, new floors, restained wood and updated landscaping. But "it's still a mushroom through and through," the realtor told NBC4.
Wigs whipped and fist flew when three suspects tried to steal wigs from a store in Silver Spring, Maryland. The brazen robbery was caught on camera and left many shocked.
A man was arrested at a Northern Virginia grocery store after he was seen pulling down his pants and rubbing produce items on his buttocks in September, police say. The suspect then put the items back on the shelves, forcing the store to destroy several pallets of produce.
D.C. went wild when the Washington Capitals brought home the Stanley Cup for the first time. The streets outside Capital One Arena were filled with Caps fans clad in red, cheering and dancing in the street to celebrate franchise history.
Black ice can be dangerous, but one Ashburn man went for quite the trip when he stepped out of his door earlier this year. The video of Tim Besecker slipping and sliding down his driveway was viewed millions of times on Facebook.
A groom encountered a surprising snag when trying to get a marriage license in D.C.: A clerk told him his New Mexico identification wasn't acceptable because it was from outside the United States. When Gavin Clarkson first presented his license to the clerk, she looked at it, went to talk to the supervisor and then asked to see his "New Mexico passport." He said the clerk was embarrassed and apologetic once the matter was straightened out.
Fairfax County Fire
A Lamborghini was split into two pieces when it smashed into a concrete light post in Northern Virginia in April, but its driver suffered only minor injuries. Photos posted on the Fairfax County Fire Department's Twitter account showed the black car completely torn in half, with the rear end charred by flames that broke out after the impact.
Residents of a D.C. condo building last summer hustled out of their units when a fire alarm went off, but there was no fire. Fortunately -- or unfortunately -- the rascally culprit was caught on camera.
A package thief in Fort Washington, Maryland, got away with a huge 4K TV — but not without a serious struggle with the unwieldy box. A blurry surveillance video showed the clumsy thief as he tripped over the giant box while making his getaway.
Nearly 50 years after a Bethesda man subscribed to "Sport" magazine, a stack of issues from 1969 and 1970 arrived at his son's home. One copy shows Ted Williams when he was manager of the Washington Senators. Another shows Sonny Jurgensen of the Washington Redskins.
A large leafy plant that can cause third-degree burns and blindness was found in Virginia for the first time this summer. Hogweed makes poison ivy look tame. The plant's sap strips your skin’s natural ability to protect itself from ultraviolet rays. It can lead to large blisters and severe burns. If the sap gets into one's eyes, blindness or sensitivity to light can occur.
Exactly 33 years to the day after former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann's career-ending injury, Alex Smith's leg broke during a game against the Houston Texans. "I saw a pile of people go down, and then I saw Alex's leg in the position it was in. And I turned away after that. It brought back vivid memories,'' said Theismann. Both Theismann and Smith suffered breaks to their right legs.
NBC 5 News
A 74-year-old man spent five days trapped inside his apartment in a collapsed seniors home after a devastating fire ripped through the Southeast D.C. building in September. Structural engineer Allyn Kilsheimer was one of the people who found the man. He and others were going through the building unit by unit to try to determine if the apartments were safe to re-enter. As they used a crowbar to pry open an apartment door on the second floor, they heard a voice and a man came to the door. Stunned, Kilsheimer said he would help the man get out. "I'm not going anyplace," Kilsheimer recalled the man saying.
A Northern Virginia driver totaled a newly purchased sports car by driving too fast and hitting a tree. Fairfax County police posted a photo of the badly mangled $300,000 McLaren 720S leaning up against a relatively unscathed tree near a two-lane road in Great Falls, Virginia. "Purchased Friday. Totaled Saturday," the Facebook post said.
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