12-Year-Old Girl Still in Hospital Month After Suspect Rammed Into Family's Van

A little girl is still suffering from serious injuries a month after police say a man stole a truck and rammed into a family's minivan in Herndon, Virginia.

Amran Djama, 12, was thrown out of the van during the crash on Stone Road and Lee Highway on Dec. 27, 2017.

She is still in the hospital recovering from a skull fracture, broken facial bones and other injuries.

"She's not sure exactly what happened to her. So, we don't exactly know what the outcome will look like," Amran's dad Moustapha Djama said.

Before the crash, the suspect, 28-year-old Brendan Stefon Vinson, assaulted a child in the Centreville area and stole a pickup truck, Fairfax County police said.

Vinson was charged with carjacking, speed to elude, assaulting police officers and receiving stolen property.

Amran's mom, Filsan Duale, was driving the minivan at the time of the crash. She said she doesn't remember the impact, but can never forget what she saw when she came to.

"I just woke up and just saw everybody bleeding and I was in pain," Duale said.

All four of her children and her son's friend were hurt. Duale has a broken wrist.

Duale and Djama's 14-year-old son broke his ankle and injured his mouth. Their two other younger children have recovered from their injuries.

Everyone is out of the hospital except for Amran, who hasn't been able to speak or walk on her own. She was recently transferred to a rehab center in Baltimore.

Daule said the crash has taken a financial toll on the family and they will likely have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Their family van was also destroyed. Djama and Duale said they haven't been able to work as they go back and forth to Baltimore to care for their daughter.

"We're just, you know, relying on friends and family to give us rides to the hospital at this point," Duale said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for Amran's medical bills.

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