12 Days of ZooLights: California Sea Lion

A new animal each day in our 12 Days of ZooLights series. Are you as excited as we are?

Welcome to 12 Days of ZooLights, where we celebrate the festive lights decorating the Smithsonian's National Zoo at the holidays!

Today's Animal of the Day: California Sea Lion

Zoo Lights Debut: 2007

Number of lights in display: 

Habitat: California sea lions can be found throughout the Pacific Ocean including on the Pacific coasts of Canada, Mexico and yes, California.  

At the Zoo: The California sea lion is housed in the American Trail exhibit at the National Zoo where they are fed squid, capelin, herring and butterfish. 

Bet you didn’t know... Sea lions can swim up to 25 miles an hour. 

About ZooLights: In this yearly display, more than 500,000 environmentally-friendly LED lights transform the Zoo into a winter wonderland. Check out the new garden scene light sculpture.

Thanks to our partners in the 12 Days of ZooLights.

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