100 SAT Tests From Loudoun County, Va., Missing

About 100 students in Loudoun County, Virginia, who took the SAT earlier this month are being asked to take it again, but not because of cheating. Their tests are missing.

Caroline Quinilty found out Wednesday.

“I think of all the time and effort I spent studying and preparing for this test and the fact that I wasn't notified by them,” she said. “I had to be notified by kids in the hallway discussing it.”

The College Board, the company that gives the SATs, says they haven't received the tests.

Quinilty studied more than 100 hours over two months at Loudoun Test Prep before taking the test with other students from various Loudoun County public schools at Broad Run High School May 2. Now, those students are being asked to take it again next month.

“It's been over a month since I've done all my studying,” Quinilty said. “It's going to affect my scores.”

Her mother, Katie Quinilty, spent more than $1,000 at Loudoun Test Prep.

“I'm very disappointed, because we don't have a choice,” she said. “If she wants to go to college, she has to take the SAT.”

"We share the frustration of affected students and their families,” read a statement from the College Board. “Every effort is being made to locate the shipment. In the meantime, we are working to provide options to accommodate these students, including a makeup test day or transfer to a future test."

The make-up exam is scheduled for June 20, about the same time students are taking final exams.

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