10-Cent Gas Tax Likely in Maryland

The current Maryland gas tax adds 23.5 cents to the cost of each gallon of gas sold in the state. A new bill being considered by lawmakers would boost that tax by a dime per gallon.

The bill's likely to pass since the state is in dire need of money. Naturally, motorists are concerned.

Ky Holden told NBC Washington the increase would be hard for her to handle.

At Auburn Exxon in Bethesda, where regular costs $3.49, owner Raj Gupta isn't too keen on the extra dime, either.

"People are already feeling the hurt," he said. "It's too expensive."

The increase would mean "lower profits," he said.

The bill also would raise the vehicle registration fee by 50 percent. Together, the increases would be expected to pump $450 million into transportation projects around the state.

Motorist Steve Mocarski took a practical view.

"I think it's a good idea if the money is dedicated to transportation, not if it goes to a general slush fund," he said. "But if it goes to transportation, why not?"

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