Man Killed in Tour Bus Crash Near Fort Meade

A man has died in a crash in Laurel, Maryland between a car and a tour bus bound for Niagara Falls, police and fire officials say.

Michael Palomo, 45, of Silver Spring, died, police said. 

The crash occurred on the 9600 block of Fort Meade Road, near Route 1, when the tour bus driver made a left turn and the driver of a truck slammed into the bus, a Laurel Police Department representative said the initial investigation shows.

The driver of the car was in critical condition after the crash, was rushed to a hospital and died, police said. Seven passengers on the tour bus with 58 people on board reported minor ailments. The passengers, many of whom were visitors to the U.S., were headed from Washington to Niagara Falls, they said. 

Laurel Mayor Craig A. Moe said in the past three years, two other fatal accidents have happened at the same intersection.

"It’s definitely a trouble spot," Moe said. "We will have to take a closer look at it to see if more can be done to keep motorists and pedestrians safe here."

Drivers were advised to avoid eastbound Route 198, Laurel police said. The road was still closed near the Anne Arundel County line as of 11 p.m. Thursday.

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