Females, The Unexplainable Species

Facts most women don’t even know about their own gender

Women are an unexplainable species.  Here's some facts that may help to shed light on the mysterious creatures.

  • When a woman relaxes, only 10 percent of her brain tunes out.
  • During unprotected sex with an infected partner, women are 10 times more likely to contract AIDS than males.
  • One quarter of women will experience depression in the U.S.
  • The most common cause of death among women is heart disease.
  • The term “woman” is supposed to have been rooted from the Middle English term “wyfman,” meaning the wife (wyf) of a man.
  • The average weight of a woman is 163 pounds.
  • Women are twice as likely as men to go blind.
  • Women provide the majority of informal care to spouses, friends, neighbors, in-laws and so on.
  • Women earn 77 cents for every dollar men earn.
  • The closer a woman lives near the equator, the more likely she will give birth to a girl.  (Data suggests temperatures and exposure to sunlight favors the birth of females.)
  • Women love going to restrooms in groups.  Rumor is, they tell secrets and gossip while applying lipstick.
  • More women work in education as well as health and social services than in any other industry.
  • The average height of a woman is 5 feet 4 inches.
  • International Women’s Day is March 8.
  • There are more females in the U.S. than males.
  • 7 million women in the U.S. suffer from bulimia and/or anorexia, accounting for 90 percent of eating disorder related cases.
  • The breasts of females of the human species are proportionately bigger than those of female mammals.
  • Out of the 155 million women in the U.S., 83 million are mothers.
  • The first Mother’s Day was coordinated by Anna Jarvis in 1908.
  • Women are more likely to die within a year of their first heart attack, because rates of having a second heart attack are high.
  • One-third of females in America have a college degree.
  • Women influence the purchasing decision of a vehicle by 80 percent, and they have a 95 percent veto power.
  • Women have stronger immune systems then men, but they are more likely to develop autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis.
  • Women have a higher life expectancy over men.

For more information, visit http://thehealthylivingsite.com, http://facts.randomhistory.com, http://4wheeldrive.com.

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