The “Axe Effect” is Real!

If you’re single and lonely, grab Axe--for the “Axe Effect” is real!  Kinda.

You know the commercials: A guy sprays a ton of Axe deodorant over his body and women then stick to him like white on rice.

Well, a new study by the U.K.’s University of Liverpool professor Craig Roberts shows men who wear the scented stuff add a whiff of confidence to the air.

Thirty-five men in their 20s participated in the study.  Half were given an unmarked can of Lynx, Axe’s British cousin, and the other half was given a placebo, a can of unscented deodorant spray.

They were asked to spray themselves with the deodorant, not shower for two days, then film a 15 second video clip describing themselves.

When the videos were shown to a group of women, the men in the “scented group” got a rating of 4.2 out of a 7-point scale.  The “unscented group” was rated a 3.8.  The women also rated photos of the scented vs. unscented men and yes—the fragranced chaps were rated as 27 percent more attractive, the study reported.

The key here isn’t necessarily the scent—come on, the chicks never even smelled the guys.  But, confidence is key!

The men who wore Lynx enjoyed a confidence boost when making their videos, while the “2 days without a shower unscented group” noticed a gradual decrease in self-esteem, the study showed.

So, if you lack confidence, you may want to douse yourself in some of this stuff before you hit the bars.  Ok, so women may not be jumpin’ your bones, but it’s worth a shot.

Just remember: When pickin’ up ladies, regardless what you wear or how you smell, it all comes down to what comes out of your mouth—So, don’t say anything stupid.

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