Stop Cancer…Sneeze!

Allergies may help prevent cancer

Allergies are no fun, especially when you’re sneezing all over the place. But, some good news, your allergies may be fighting off cancer.

Sneezing actually rids your body of carcinogenics (cancerous stuff), according to The Quarterly Review of Biology.

Wait, there’s more—allergies may also play the role of an early warning detector, going off when you should steer clear of certain substances in the air.

Cancer of the mouth, colon, skin and brain are more commonly linked to this allergy phenomenon, the study says.

Likewise, eczema, hives, hay fever and animal and food allergies seem to offer the greatest cancer protection.

Hold up before stopping those allergy meds, though.

Allergist, Dr. George Martin, doesn’t buy into this study.

It would be crazy, not to mention damaging, to stop taking your allergy medications, Dr. Martin says.

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