Slim Down for Summer

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The following tips are posted with permission from Janet Zalman, president of the Zalman Nutrition Group:

The Three Rules for Getting Started (Absolutely No Exceptions)
1. Avoid products over 4 grams of sugar. For example cake, candy, cookies, ice cream, flavored or frozen yogurt, fruit juice, dried fruits, sweetened cereals.   No matter what happens whether you are celebrating, tired, happy, anxious, or stressed do not take the first bite. 
There are however, two food groups that are over four grams of sugar that are actually okay: fresh fruit and milk. Therefore, fruit, milk cottage cheese and plain yogurt are all acceptable. 
2. Avoid double starches. At each meal, either have: (a) two “traditional” slices of bread (approximately 90 calories per slice) or (b) ¾ of a cup of cooked starch, for example: rice, pasta, potatoes, sweet potato, corn, beans, lentils, cereal. Do not have bread plus another starch in the same meal. 
3.   Avoid fried foods. For example, potato chips, French fries, tortilla chips, fried chicken, tempura, or any other deep fried products are all on the “no” list. 
If you follow these three rules for 30 days with zero tastes, bites, or exceptions, you will begin to jump start your body and get off the trigger foods that keep you hungry, craving, and over weight. 
Here is a healthy menu plan for a day:
Take ½ cup dry oatmeal  and cook in a cup of water. Follow the recipe on the box.   When you are finished cooking it,  add in ½ banana and a ½ cup of blueberries.   Add a ½ to a cup of skim milk.
 Flavor with cinnamon and drop of vanilla extract . 
Make lunch at home. This is the best way you can control your calories.
2 slices of whole wheat or rye bread
4 oz. of smoked turkey, mustard, lettuce and tomato
Dessert: 1 small apple (buy the smallest apples in the supermarket, not the largest) 
Mid-Afternoon Snack
1 mini – or ½ cup of low fat cottage cheese with the other half of the b’fast banana and a handful of blueberries .
5 oz. of baked fish
Steamed non-starchy vegetables , (broccoli  asparagus, string beans, cauliflower, brussels  sprouts, egg plant, zucchini) 
(1 to 2 cups)
¾ cup of roasted potatoes
Dessert:   1 cup fresh fruit salad
Drink plenty of water. 
Recipe for Baked Salmon
1 pound of Salmon (3 servings)
2 tsp. olive oil, garlic powder , dill, sea salt, Dijon mustard
Rub the olive oil into the salmon. Add the spices and just a drop of sea salt When done, cover salmon with Dijon mustard. Put it in an aluminum “boat”. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  You will have a yummy, healthy weight loss dinner!
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