The Jersey Core

A "Jersey Shore" workout at a gym near you

Snooki, the Situation and the rest of "The Jersey Shore" cast have been taking America on a wild ride since storming on the scene last year. But you can do more than just tune in to get your fix of gym, tan and laundry -- the now famous priorities the kids have branded for the show.

Washington Sports Club has the gym part covered, bringing a part of the shore to fans with the "Jersey Core" workout.

"This class is all about looking good," said instructor Libby Linden-Rubin.

For 50 minutes, fans of the show are put through a rigorous, full-body workout with one goal in mind.

“I want ripped abs like the Situation,” said Jennifer Feldman, trying the class for the first time. "Why not? Of course. Don’t you?"

They start building their beach bodies with a set of old fashioned pushups, but then the intensity is turned up. And throughout the class, the upbeat instructor yells out "Jersey Shore" references.

“When you do the Jersey rotations you have to chant Jersey, Jersey,” said Linden-Rubin. “Then you do the football shuffle, because then you’re testing the hot sand. And then the jumping jacks, 'Notice me! Notice me! I’m great.' Then you gotta pull up your shirt and you gotta show your abs.”

The class was mixed with men and women, young and young at heart, and some, like Madeleine Watkins, who had never seen the show before.

“It was great. I really liked it,” said Watkins. “I definitely broke a sweat, worked all my muscles and I’m feeling tired.”

But for the hardcore fans, what would the class be without a little Snooki?

“Well I did try the bumpet, I tried it with the hair, but when you do a cardio workout you do have the fallen hair look,” said Linden-Rubin. “But I got the earrings, got my nails done, and I got the bracelets.”

So are participants ready for the Jersey Shore?

“Yeah, after this class, definitely,” said Feldman.

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