Cure for Your Hangover?

It's a feeling many of us can relate to at some point in our lives, and unfortunately all too often during the holiday season. It's late morning or early afternoon, and you're laying in bed trying to piece together the events from the previous evening. And the worst part of it all is that throbbing ache inside your head and that queasy feeling in your stomach.

It looks like you had too much to drink last night my friend, and your immediate goal is to get rid of the pain, and "please God if you could just help me this once, I promise to never even think about the word tequila again."

Ask anyone, and chances are they have their own sure-fire hangover remedy. Tomato juice, a raw egg and Worcestershire sauce? Green Powerade or blue Gatorade? Or how about just getting right back on the wagon and cracking open another cold one? That might be a fine idea if your name is Nick Nolte, but most of us have normal lives and jobs to get back to that don't involve sneaking a swig from a fifth of Jack at the bottom of the office drawer.

So what's the best way to avoid a hangover? Eat before you start drinking? Over-the-counter painkillers and plenty of water before you go to bed? Dark liquor as opposed to clear? You'll find plenty of remedies online, and some tips that refute some commonly-held beliefs about hangover cures. For instance, encourages you to avoid strong coffee because the caffeine will dehydrate you, and offers some exotic cures, such as the Polish remedy of drinking pickle juice.

Bottom line, you need to get some liquids and vitamins back into your system, and nothing replaces good old time and sleep. A camera might not be a bad idea either, so you can take a snapshot of this feeling and recall it whenever your buddy suggests that "one last shot."

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