Eat, Drink But DON'T Gain Weight This Holiday Season

Feel Great in '08 with Lu Ann Cahn

Many of us consider the holiday season a time of gluttony.  We eat whatever we want because…well, because it’s a time to give thanks, it’s a time to be merry (Christmas!) and it’s a time to drink our way happily into the New Year.

But, did you know you can actually gain one whole pound after one big Thanksgiving meal? Sadly, it’s true. Whatever you eat in the next month could stick with you six months later or longer.

We're all in a rush now: traveling, shopping, eating and eating and eating…

You want some gravy (or sauce for some) on that? How about a slice of Pumpkin Pie for dessert? Go for it, but slow down, said Nutritionist Katie Cavuto.

“Really think about the way that it tastes. You're getting to savor all of those delicious foods but not necessarily in the quantities, as we would be if we were just racing to get as much food in as possible,” Cavuto explains. 

Some opt for what they believe is a great solution: starve yourself all day so you can save up for all those calories packed inside all those yummy holiday goodies. THINK AGAIN!

“Worst thing you can do for a couple of reasons. Skipping meals you're actually going to be slowing down your metabolism, which is not a good thing,” according to Cavuto.

Not to mention, you'll be starving! By the time you get to that party, you'll be ready to chow down on anything and everything in front of you. And, you'll end up eating fast and eating more than you normally would.

Instead, eat a balanced meal all day. Have a small snack before the party. Have a taste of everything in small portions. Limit high calorie alcoholic drinks.

What to do if all else fails you?

Cavuto has this advice:

“The best thing you can do with that holiday meal is kind of look at it as condoned gluttony…and if you haven't been in the gym, start an exercise regimen during the holidays because it's the best way to combat some of those added calories."

Cahn:  "But, I also think we feel it is a holiday and we should be overindulging, that's what the holiday is about."

Cavuto: "It's not."

So, go slow, enjoy tasting the goodies and don’t devour everything in sight.  Just think about how good you'll feel when you can still where your tight jeans in January.

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