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What's Your Workout: Full Body Ride

A new spin on indoor cycling classes



    What's Your Workout: The Full Body Ride

    An indoor cycling class with weights? Ouch! (Published Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012)

    If you’re a regular reader of this extremely exciting and thought-provoking blog, then you know that I really don’t like indoor cycling classes. Yet everyone insists on putting their own “spin” on cycle classes by creating these hybrid programs. So think cycle + yoga, cycle + stretching, cycle + pilates and now ... cycle + weight training.

    I know, I know. Some people LOVE indoor cycling classes. They get into the music and the challenge. They’re able to totally get in the zone. Me, not so much. I have a tendency to cheat. When the instructor says to turn the tension up on the bike, I turn it down. When she says to pedal harder, I pedal slower. Its pure angsty rebellion, but as I tell my boyfriends -- love me or leave me (hmm, they always pick option 2...).

    OK, back to my point here. I’m not an indoor cycling person. So I was literally dreading the idea of hopping back on the bike for Revolve Cycle Studio’s Full Body Ride -- a 30-35 minute cycle class, followed by 10 minutes of weights while still on the bike. But I knew all of you were dying to hear about another workout adventure so I sacrificed for you!

    First of all, things did not start well. You are required to rent those special indoor cycling sneakers that clip into the pedals. But I couldn’t figure out how to clip myself in. No one else had a problem. Yep, just me. After a few tries and some professional help, I finally did it.

    But then I realized something. I would never be able to get off the bike. I was stuck. What if there was a fire? What if I was about to pass out? I imagined being stuck forever in an indoor cycling class. Nightmare!

    OK, deep breath. Every good TV producer has a plan B. My backup plan was to just pull my feet out of the shoes and run like hell.

    Instructor Francina Segbefia gets the cycle portion of the class started. I didn’t want to like her. She’s one of those crazy people who teaches indoor cycling professionally. But she was cute. And cheerful. And she played really good music. She kind of got me digging this class. Next thing you know, I’m following her lead and pedaling up a pretend hill, turning up the tension on my bike and sweating. I think I was actually enjoying the class. *GASP*

    And before I could get bored of the whole thing, she switched gears and we picked up these two-pound weights. Now, in my mind, I could sell tickets to my own personal gun show. And by gun show, I mean my lean, mean arms. So I sort of scoffed at using two-pound weights. But literally within a few seconds, my arms felt like they were going to fall off. I could barely move them. Maybe I should sell tickets to the Jell-o show?

    We finished after 45 minutes. And next thing you know, I was cheerful and smiling. I think had a breakthrough -- an indoor cycling class that I actually enjoyed.

    Only one thing stopped me from hopping off the bike and telling Francina how much I loved the class: I was stuck on the bike.

    Yep, just as I suspected, I couldn’t get my shoes out of the clips. So like the fabulous producer I am, I resorted to plan B and I left the class barefoot.

    Lauren Dunn is News4's medical producer.