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Local Affordable Care Act Stats



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    With software problems surrounding the Affordable Care Act and its health exchanges, News4 looked up local stats to find out how many people in the D.C. metro area are getting through to the system.

    As of Monday, the District reports it 12,294 individual accounts created, which allows people to review the plan options and prices.

    The D.C. Health Link data shows more 10,000 are shopping for health insurance in the individual and family marketplace, and 1,894 individuals have applied for coverage.

    The District reports 321 individuals and families have already selected a health plan.

    The state of Maryland updates its enrollment on Fridays. As of Oct.18, it reports 261,139 unique website visitors. The Maryland Health Connection shows 34,862 accounts created, and 2,393 people have enrolled.

    Virginia is part of the federal exchanges. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services told NBC News it hopes to release enrollment data mid-November.