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Parents Unable to Collect Sperm After Va. Man's Death



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    A Roanoke couple who wanted to collect their son's sperm after he died wasn't able to do so.

    Jerri and Rufus McGill want grandchildren, but Jerri McGill tells the Roanoke Times that there wasn't enough time to get a court order so doctors could extract and freeze their son's sperm.

    Rufus McGill II, 19, had been on life support since a traffic accident Oct. 14 in which a 15-year-old girl was also fatally injured. He died Thursday night.

    The Roanoke Times reports:

    The McGills, who are divorced but on amicable terms, had agreed that keeping alive the possibility of grandchildren through their son would be a positive thing.

    "I'm very saddened that I'm not going to have a piece of him with me," Jerri McGill said. "I do have a younger son that's 17 who always says he's never having kids, he's never having kids. That might change, but I'm not guaranteed to have grandchildren from him because what if he meets a woman who is not fertile or, God forbid, what if he can't have children."

    She also told the newspaper that Roanoke Memorial's ethics committee is drafting on a policy on harvesting sperm from patients.