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Here Come the Bed Bug Busters



    Here Come the Bed Bug Busters

    Bed bug busters are on the way, and not a minute too soon for those who are scared witless over the notion of a bed bug invasion in Washington.

    New York City has already seen tourists turning down the chance to overnight in even some of the swankiest accommodations. Moviegoers in the Big Apple have been scared away from theaters by the threat of sharing their seats with the little monsters. 

    Does D.C. face the same conundrum?

    With mounting fears that a big bed bug invasion could start here, the D.C. Department of Health is ready for war. DOH will hold its second Bed Bug Summit in the first month of the New Year.

    In March 2009, the first summit attracted only about 100 attendees. This time around, with bed bug fears on the rise, the event will be held in a location that can hold a larger crowd. From 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Jan. 20, the bed bug briefing will be open to the public in the lobby of the Old City Council Chambers.

    Everything one ever wanted to know -- and more -- about bed bug biology will be explained. There will also be information about control and eradication of the hard-to-see pests. DOH hopes this kind of outreach will, along with its regular training programs, help hold back the bed bug resurgence seen in other cities.

    If the fear of the creepy crawlies is like an itch you need to scratch, you can sign up to attend the Bed Bug Summit. To register, contact Gerard Brown at or call 202-535-2636 by Dec. 1.