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Georgetown Offers Free P.A.D. Screenings

Peripheral Arterial Disease affects 8 million Americans



    Georgetown Offers Free P.A.D. Screenings
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    September is Peripheral Arterial Disease Awareness Month and Georgetown University Hospital and the P.A.D. Coalition are offering free screenings.

    P.A.D. occurs when arteries in the legs become narrowed or clogged with plaque or cholesterol, reducing blood flow to the legs. The disease can lead to leg pain when walking, serious wounds and sores on the legs, even amputation.

    One indication of P.A.D. is blocked leg arteries. That's often a sign that other vessels in the body are clogged, including those in the heart and brain.

    With proper diagnosis, P.A.D. can be treated with lifestyle changes, medication or surgery.

    WHAT: Free P.A.D. Screening
    WHEN: 3-8p.m. Sept. 16

    Pasquerilla Health Center
    Georgetown University Hospital
    3800 Reservoir Road NW
    Washington, D.C. 20007


    • People over 50, who have smoked or suffer from diabetes
    • Those with abnormal cholesterol or high blood pressure 
    • People over 70
    • Those with one or more symptoms of P.A.D.

    MORE INFO: (202) 342-2400