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D.C.'s Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Still Not Happening

Two years later, workers still without benefit



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    Nearly two years after the District passed a new sick leave law, it has yet to take effect.

    The law, passed in March 2008, requires most D.C. employers to provide paid sick leave to workers.

    Advocates say Mayor Adrian Fenty is delaying finalizing new rules to implement the law and publicizing the details, according to the Washington Post.

    The mayor's office said he'll submit the regulations in the coming days.

    Washington follows San Francisco as the second city in the nation to mandate paid sick leave.

    D.C. Chamber of Commerce President Barbara Lang said businesses aren't under any obligation to do anything until the mayor notifies employers.

    A worker at a Georgetown restaurant who would have been covered by the law said he was forced to come to work with a high fever.