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Bagged Salad Recall

Possible Salmonella contamination



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    A random test of a finished package of spinach triggered the recall.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced the recall of 3,265 cases of various salad blends because of the possibility they may be contaminated with Salmonella.

    The recall comes following a random test conducted on a "finished package" of spinach.
    The test was done by the State of Washington Department of Agriculture, but the bagged salad products were distributed to numerous states, including Virginia.

    The FDA says there have been no reported illnesses as a result of the recalled salad.
    A list of the bagged salad brands involved in the recall is listed below.

    For more information, check the FDA's website here.

    -Fresh Selections Hearts of Romaine 10 oz. bag 0-11110-91044-8 TFRS277B07OOKR5L Best By 10-18-11

    -Fresh Selections Leafy Romaine 10 oz. bag 0-11110-91046-2 TFRS277B07OOKR5H Best By 10-18-11

    -Fresh Selections Field of Greens 10 oz. bag 0-11110-91042-4 TFRS277B07OOKR5F Best By 10-18-11

    -Fresh Selections Romaine Blend 10 oz. bag 0-11110-91038-7 TFRS277B07OOKR5N Best By 10-18-11

    -HEB Spring Mix 5 oz. bag 0-41220-19752-1 TFRS277B07 Best By 10-20-11
    Marketside Fresh Spinach 10oz bag 6-81131-32946-0 TFRS277A07 Guaranteed Delicious By 10-21-11

    -Marketside Caesar Salad Kit 14.6 oz. bag 6-81131-38744-6 TFRS277B07 Guaranteed Delicious By 10-19-11

    -Marketside Asian Salad Kit 15 oz. bag 6-81131-53211-2 TFRS277B07 Guaranteed Delicious By 10-19-11

    -Marketside Southwest Salad Kit 15oz bag 6-81131-38747-7 TFRS277B07 Guaranteed Delicious By 10-19-11

    -Marketside Premium Romaine 9 oz. bag 6-81131-38753-8 TFRS277B07 Guaranteed Delicious By 10-19-11

    -Marketside Premium Romaine Family 18 oz. bag 6-81131-38807-8 TFRS277B07 Guaranteed Delicious By 10-19-11

    -Taylor Farms Field Greens 8 oz. bag 0-30223-04036-1 TFRS277B07 Best If Used By 10-20-11