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A Recap of Healthy You

From buff muscles to self affirmations



    A Recap of Healthy You
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    Go bananas with a month's worth of health tips, courtesy of Healthy You.

    As October comes to a close, the issues discussed by Healthy You linger on.  Here’s a recap in case you’ve forgotten already: 
    How to get buff and look the part

    Not Your Grandmother’s Walking Shoe
    Sports apparel companies revamp the walking shoe for added kick.
    Cranking Up the Heat With Bikram Yoga
    Stretch, sweat and meditate while holding postures in Bikram yoga.
    Insider Tips For Going the Distance
    Breaking into stride for beginner runners isn't always as hard as it seems.

    Pick the Perfect Gym for a Lasting Relationship
    Evaluate and pick your gym as you would a potential mate.       
    Tried and True Workout Methods:  Tips from the average Joe but worthy of a guru
    Read on for tried and true workout tips from the average Joe.
    Do your medical research and practice positivity 
    Here’s to Your Virtual Health:  Tools for maintaining online personal health records
    Consider tools for storing personal health records online.
    The Importance of a Mammogram:  Amid the pink sea of controversy, where do you stand?
    Women and doctors debate over recommended ages for mammogram screenings.
    Affirm Yourself:  The power of positive thinking
    Create a list of self affirmations to promote positive thinking.
    Could Frequent Bad Moods be Depression?
    People share their real-life stories of the effects of depression.
    Attention foodies:  how to keep a trim waist

    Catching Up With Café Green: To vegan or not to vegan? 
    Cafe Green is a pioneer in full-service vegan dining.
    Three Cheers to Happy Hour:  How to make healthier and smarter decisions
    Pass up those cheese fries and opt for late night munchies like ceviche, instead.
    What Is That Secret Ingredient?  Cooking with herbs packs a healthy and flavorful punch
    Before you reach for the pan and vat of barbeque sauce, consider spicing up your dish with herbs. 

    How To Decipher the Lingo: Food packaging and nutrition labels
    Learn how to read between the fine lines of a nutrition label.
    Think Twice Before Plating Up:  Count your calories with LIVESTRONG’s Daily Plate application
    Try LIVESTRONG's calorie counter as part of a savvy weight loss plan.
    A Revolution to Lose Weight, Look Phat:  Tracing the path of a global health-motivator and best-selling author
    Tracye McQuirter is a best-selling author, paving the way in the health industry.

    Are Organic Foods Really Worth the Money?  Sort past the hype to uncover the foods worth eating
    Familiarize yourself with the foods that are worth buying as organic.
    Demystifying Antioxidants:  Are the health benefits of supplements as powerful as they say?
    Learn how antioxidants work and why you should be wary of such supplements.

    What’s for Dinner?  Use a meal planner to nix the stress and up the health factor
    Plan weekly meals with the help of a chart to reduce stress and promote health.
    Living Life Free of Gluten:  For me, the way to be
    Excessive fatigue? Stomach pains? Depression? Read on to discover if the source of the symptoms is really celiac disease.

    Sports, Nutrition And Protein Drinks: What to choose and when
    Differentiate among the various athletic drinks to maximize the benefits of a workout.