Health 12 hours ago

Winter Wellness: Protecting Your Skin

News4’s Jummy Olabanji got advice from a dermatologist on how to treat itchy, dry skin during winter.

  • Nov 14

    Navigating Nutrition: How Do Meal Bars Stack Up?

    How healthy are meal replacement bars? News4’s Juliana Valencia talks to an expert about what to look for.

  • Nov 13

    US Superbug Infections Rising, But Deaths Are Falling

    Drug-resistant “superbug” infections have been called a developing nightmare that could set medicine back a century, making conquered germs once again untreatable. So there’s some surprising news in a report released Wednesday: U.S. superbug deaths appear to be going down. About 36,000 Americans died from drug-resistant infections in 2017, down 18% from an estimated 44,000 in 2013, the Centers for

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