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92 Percent of U.S. Babies Under 2 Years Old Are on the Internet

As the web gets cuter, privacy a concern



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    Don't be surprised if baby cradles of the future come equipped with trays to hold computer keyboards.

    A new study indicates that 82 percent of children under 2 years old in 10 Western countries have some sort of Internet presence. And in the United States that figure spikes to 92 percent, the highest number among the countries studied.

    Proud parents, it seems, are posting photos of their offspring faster than you can say "ba ba black sheep."

    New Zealand ranks just behind the U.S. with 91 percent and Canada and Australia both hit 84 percent. Of the countries polled, only Japan has fewer than 50 percent of its under-2-year-olds online.

    Does this foretell an entire generation is going to grow up with serious privacy and identify theft concerns? Possibly, says the German company AVG, which administered the study.

    "Obviously there's a privacy issue," AVG spokeswoman Siobhan MacDermott told CNN. "It's a matter of being aware of what you're doing. When you're posting it to a public forum like Facebook, use privacy settings."

    In conducting the study AVG, which is primarily an anti-virus software firm, polled 2,200 mothers from the 10 nations. Of those polled, 33 percent said they've uploaded photos of their infants to a website. This means other friends and family are doing much of the posting.

    And with each post, the Internet gets just a little bit cuter.

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