5-a-Day: Thanksgiving Nuggets

  • You don't need to forgo the mashed potatoes this year. How you prepare them can make a difference. Find out how to keep this starchy side dish a little more nutritious.
  • A lot of people pass on the cranberries, especially the canned kind. But when made fresh, these little zingers can provide quite a boost for your ticker.
  • Are you on the verge of freaking out? Try humming a different tune. Literally. Humming has been shown to be a stress buster.
  • Need a little lift? Having a whiff of peppermint is good for your brain's focus. And being more focused can help you avoid pigging out again this year... or rebounding faster if you do.
  • This Black Friday, why not get yourself something... something healthy, that is. Here are some ideas for fitness gear.
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