5-a-Day: Fertility, Sleep and More

  • Does your pecker need a picker upper? It turns out that getting a little bit of sunshine can help men with infertility problems, according to the DailyMail.
  • Speaking of fertility, a baby was born to a woman with an ovary transplant. The mother received an ovary from her twin sister after being diagnosed as infertile 12 years ago, according to the Telegraph.
  • How much sleep do you get? Don’t lie! It turns out that people who are sleep deprived do not have memories as accurate as those who catch enough zzz’s according to research.
  • Love your red meat? Try not to love it too much. According to research spotlight in UPI, too much red meat can lead to tumor growth.
  • Want to curl up for a quick nap? You may already be napping… at least part of you. Research suggests that the brain actually falls asleep in stages, so that you lose awareness of different areas earlier than others. Snap to it!
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