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Subpoena Renewed for UVA Climate Change Research

Va. attorney general renews demand for climate change researcher's work



    Subpoena Renewed for UVA Climate Change Research

    Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli submitted a new, scaled-down demand for documents related to a former University of Virginia climate-change researcher's work.

    Cuccinelli, a global-warning skeptic, is investigating whether Michael Mann fraudulently used manipulated data to obtain government grants. A judge ruled in late August that the attorney general was not specific enough about the nature of Mann's alleged wrongdoing, and that he lacks authority to investigate federal grants.

    Mann is one of several climate-change scientists whose work drew international attention earlier this year after hundreds of e-mails from a British climate research center were leaked. Climate-change skeptics seized on the e-mails and suggested climate scientists were systematically exaggerating the threat of climate change.

    Cuccinelli is seeking e-mails exchanged between Mann and more than three dozen other scientists. His new subpoena also cites research papers written by Mann that the attorney general claims "contained false information, unsubstantiated claims and/or were otherwise misleading."

    Mann said the papers attacked by Cuccinelli were not cited in the proposal for the $214,700 state grant, because they had nothing to do with climate change.

    The new civil subpoena pertains to just one state grant and does not include four federal grants that were part of Cuccinelli's original demand. Cuccinelli also included more specific language in the new demand. The university has until Oct. 29 to respond.