Dirt Biker Shot at Driver Who Honked at Group Blocking Traffic: DC Police

The victim traveled northbound as the suspect allegedly kept shooting at him, police say

Video shows dirt bike and ATV riders believed to be with a dirt bike rider who shot at a motorist.
Metropolitan Police Department

A dirt bike rider fired shots at a driver who honked at a group of dirt bikers and ATV riders who were blocking traffic, according to D.C. police.

The victim was driving northbound on North Capitol Street Feb. 16 when he saw dirt bikes blocking traffic, police said. He honked at the group, which made an opening. As the victim went through the opening and kept driving, he saw the suspect speeding up toward his vehicle.

The driver then heard gunshots but wasn’t harmed, police said.

As he approached the Webster Street NE, he heard more shots, which struck his vehicle, police said.

The victim then drove to the intersection of Hawaii Avenue NE, where the shooter allegedly fired more shots, police said.

The shooter fled east on Allison Street NE, followed by the victim, police said. The shooter then entered Fort Totten Park, and the victim drove northbound on Fort Totten Drive.

The victim then saw the shooter drive out of the park and westbound on Allison Street NE back toward North Capitol Street but lost sight of the shooter, police said.

The victim's car had bullet holes on its left, right and rear sides, police said.

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