Prince William County School Board Votes to Start Year Online

The first quarter, from Sept. 1-Oct. 30, will be all virtual for most students

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The Prince William County Public School Board has voted to start the school year online.

Schools in Prince William County will start on Tuesday, Sept. 8. For most students, learning will be entirely online until after the first quarter ends on Oct. 30.

During the second quarter, the school has a goal to move onto a 50% capacity model with an option for students to continue learning online.

The resolution to begin online passed an 8-0 school board vote Wednesday night. It provides flexibility to put off returning students to schools if public health guidance calls for it.

While schools across the area lay out different plans for back-to-school, parents have been left to figure out what is best for their family. News4's Shomari Stone spoke with several parents who are trying to figure out how to make virtual learning work.

However, the school says it will consider offering in-person services to special education students and English language learners where appropriate.

The board first considered a hybrid plan, a mix of classroom days and virtual learning. That proposal was voted down 5-4.

Before the vote, the board heard from parents and teachers. Some parents were concerned their children wouldn't get an engaging, hands-on education; some teachers said they were concerned for their health.

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