All Marylanders Over 16 to Be Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccines by April 27

Maryland is now entering Phase 2 of its vaccination plan

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All Marylanders over age 16 will be eligible for coronavirus vaccinations no later than April 27, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced Thursday.

Hogan also announced several upcoming eligibility phases before then.

Maryland is set to enter Phase 2 of its vaccination plan next week. All Maryland residents ages 60 and up may now register for appointments and will be able to get vaccinations as early as next Tuesday.

A week after that, on March 30, phase 2B will begin. Eligibility will open for Marylanders ages 16 and older who have underlying medical conditions that increase the risk for severe illness from COVID-19. According to the CDC, nearly 90% of patients hospitalized for COVID-19 have an underlying medical condition.

Phase 2C will begin April 13, when all Marylanders age 55 and older will become eligible, as will essential workers in critical industries such as construction, food services, utilities, financial services, IT and other infrastructure.

Anyone who is currently eligible in Phase 1 but has not yet been vaccinated will still be prioritized for appointments at the state's mass vaccination sites.

Also, keep in mind that becoming eligible for a vaccine doesn't mean you'll immediately be able to get one. Supply will be ramping up to meet the demand, but officials expect demand to continue outpacing supply for at least the next several weeks, Hogan said.

As the state continues to open mass vaccination sites, there’s also a push to get smaller clinics set up. Maryland will start to allocate doses to primary care providers, set up mobile vaccination clinics and spend $12 million to fund a community vaccination program, Hogan said.

Local hospitals will partner with county health departments, faith-based organizations and nonprofits to take the vaccine directly to the people who need it most.

"Hospitals will be able to expand to work with even more trusted community partners ... to increase Marylanders' access to the vaccine with a focus on vulnerable, underserved and hard-to-reach areas," Hogan said.

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