800+ DC Employees Face Suspension, Firing for Failure to Get Vaccines


Hundreds of D.C. government employees face suspension or termination for failing to get COVID-19 vaccinations.

According to the mayor’s office, more than 800 D.C. government employees are in various stages of the disciplinary process for not being vaccinated. This number includes paramedics, teachers, D.C. Fire & EMS workers and D.C. Department of Health employees.

Of those 800+ workers not in compliance:

  • 470 have received their first disciplinary notice
  • 33, including five employees at the D.C. health department, have been suspended or have resigned
  • None have been terminated yet

All 80,000 of the District's licensed health care workers, including doctors, nurses and paramedics, are also required to be vaccinated.

So far, six members of D.C. Fire & EMS have had their medical licenses suspended.

No health care workers have lost their licenses yet.

As for requests for religious or medical exemptions to the vaccine mandate, the majority of those are still being processed.

So far only one religious exemption has been granted, and 249 have been denied. Nearly 2,800 religious exemption requests are still pending.

As for medical exemptions, 32 have been granted, 184 have been denied, and 1,410 are pending.

So far, no teachers have been suspended for not being vaccinated, and no government workers have been fired.

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