quiz Feb 5

Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on COVID-19 Vaccines, Masks

Washington, D.C., has now administered more than 62,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, and thousands more people have been added to the list of eligibility. But there’s still some confusion in our reg...

  • coronavirus Mar 26, 2020

    A Timeline of the Coronavirus Outbreak in DC, Maryland and Virginia

    In the span of just 10 days, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the D.M.V. skyrocketed from two to nearly 150. D.C., Maryland and Virginia have all declared states of emergency and social distancing policies are now in place. Here’s how some of the major events surrounding the D.C.-area coronavirus outbreak have unfolded. This timel...
  • coronavirus May 15, 2020

    The DC-Area Coronavirus Outbreak in Pictures

    Schools are shut down, masks are being worn, and protestors are trying to open up the country again. See pictures of how residents are reacting and adapting to the new normal amid the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Metro May 13, 2020

    Commuting Challenges Likely If Federal Workers Phase Out Telework

    From living rooms to the White House, individuals and groups are eager to reopen the country and get back to work, even as local leaders caution that coronavirus continues to spread through the D.C. area community. But federal workers will likely face commuting challenges when telework ends. Metro expects trains and buses will limit capacity, requi...
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