Heading Back to School? Tell Us What Your Plans Are

With the pandemic ravaging through some states, opinions are split on whether or not students and teachers should resume in-person schooling

Do you think schools should reopen during the pandemic? Let us know your thoughts.
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Reopen, or stay home and learn remotely? Politicians, teachers, parents and students are split on whether or not schools should reopen for in-person classes in the fall, as the coronavirus pandemic shows little sign of slowing down for some states.

While the Trump administration is pushing for schools to reopen, and threatening to withhold funding for school districts that don't, doctors and educators say there are too many variables and factors that could exacerbate the spread for some districts.

Are you a parent, a student, or teacher or administrator thinking about the looming school semester ahead? Tell us how you're feeling about the impending school semester, and what you think should be the right thing for school districts to do.

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