Waiting on a COVID-19 Vaccine? Don't Roll Up Your Sleeve Just Yet!

Fake websites promising quick, cheap access could be dangerous to your health and wallet

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The news of a COVID-19 vaccine has many excited to finally get their lives back on track, but be careful not to let your guard down when searching for information about where to get one. Scammers are trying to cash in on the excitement.

Once the distribution of a vaccine begins to the general public, there will be strict protocols for receiving it. According to the Centers for Disease Control, vaccines will only be distributed by health care professionals. 

4 Things to Know

  • Don’t pay anyone who promises you can skip lines to get your name on a list to get the vaccine.
  • Don’t buy anything claiming to be a COVID-19 vaccine or treatment through the internet or social media ads. Ignore “too good to be true” offers, taking them could be dangerous to your health.
  • No one from a vaccine distribution site will ever call you asking for your social security number or credit card information to sign up for a vaccine. Divulging any private information to someone who randomly reaches out to you could be used to commit medical identity theft against you.
  • Stop and think before you click on any links, emails, or text messages. Cybersecurity experts have already found a number of phishing scams out there.

Confirm any information with your local health department. Click on your state’s COVID-19 vaccination site below for more information.




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