Virginia Company Connects Freelancers with Projects and Offers Benefits

CareerGig touts career benefits with gig flexibility

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Whether you’ve lost your job during the pandemic or simply need a more flexible schedule because the kids are stuck at home, a new local company may be able to connect you with your next career.

CareerGig is based in Arlington, Virginia. It’s free to sign up, and you’ll only pay if you land a project through the site. The fees range from 3.5% to 10% of what you earn, and the more you work, the lower your percentage.

When you sign up, you’ll take a skills assessment and get verified. You’ll be matched with projects that match your skills or you can search through the job listings yourself.

The site also offers freelancers the chance to opt-in for benefits that don’t typically come with contract work.

“Things like health insurance, life insurance, disability, retirement and other things,” CareerGig CEO Greg Kihlström said. “All those things that you come to take for granted sometimes when you have a full-time job, we’re offering those to freelancers and others who have limited or less access to them.”

Kihlström says you’ll find a wide variety of industries and jobs on the site. “On the technology side, we have software development and network administrators. Some of those can be remote jobs, some of them can be on site. In health care we have nurses and medical technicians. We have designers in the creative space. We have accountants, all manner of things and we really focus a little more on the white-collar jobs and knowledge workers and stuff like that.”

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