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Should You Invest in Accessories for Your Instant Pot?

Consumer Reports tried out several accessories to see if they’re worth the drawer space

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Multicooker sales continue to be hot. The countertop cookers that can take the place of a rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker and pressure cooker are everywhere, and now you can get accessories that expand their cooking duties even more. Consumer Reports checked them out.

The accessories that CR checked out are made by Instant Pot, but most of them can be used with other multicookers as long as they fit in the inner pot.

You can get silicone or metal egg racks to cook eggs, but CR experts used a metal one for two-tiered cooking.

A pressure-cooked whole chicken might be juicy, but it won’t be brown unless you use an air fryer lid. It turns your Instant Pot into an air fryer that can roast, bake, broil and dehydrate. But it’s only compatible with certain Instant Pot models.

Using the springform cake pan accessory, CR testers found that a multi-cooker can produce a better cheesecake than an oven. The moist cooking environment is ideal for it and other custardy desserts. And the pan fits perfectly in the pot.

CR pros called the silicone steam rack a game changer. Accessories like the springform pan and the steamer basket lock onto the Instant Pot and stay above the water. Handles help you safely lift and lower dishes into the pot.

And CR says that one of the easiest ways to up your multicooker game is to get a separate silicone ring for the lids for making desserts. It keeps flavors from transferring from meats and stews.

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