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New Pandemic Pets Come With New Responsibilities

Consumer Reports shares advice for first-time pet parents

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One good thing has come out of the pandemic – more pet adoptions! But pets need exercise, enrichment, and basic training so they can be a good member of the family.

Of course, pets don’t come cheap! Expenses include food, vet visits, grooming, and more. For example, dog owners will spend an average of $1,459 and cat owners will spend $1,174 in just the first year.

To help reduce expenses, look for ways to save money with an online food subscription, which can save you about 5 percent, and ask about loyalty programs at local and online pet stores.

When it comes to the vet, pet insurance might help. But before you enroll, know what it covers and what it doesn’t.

When Consumer Reports compared pet insurance coverage for a cat and a dog, it found that the cost could be worth it if your pet has a serious illness. But like insurance for people, pet insurance plans can be complicated, and they come with deductibles, copays, and premiums.

Finally, it’s important to prepare yourself and your pet for a post-pandemic life. That could mean hiring a dog walker or paying for doggie daycare, which is yet another expense.

You can help your pet adjust to a new routine by gradually getting him to follow what his schedule will be on days when your family is at work or school, like having him spend a few hours at a time alone in a room.

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