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Make Smoother Smoothies with Your Blender

The order you add the ingredients to your blender makes a big difference

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Smoothies are a delicious way to add more fruits and veggies to your diet. A lot of people simply toss a bunch of ingredients into the blender but end up disappointed with the results. Consumer Reports says there is science behind making a successful smoothie.

The order in which you add the ingredients helps your blender work at peak performance. The liquid should be added first; start with about one cup. It will create a vortex that helps pull down the other ingredients on top.

Next, add leafy greens and herbs, then seeds or nuts. Soft foods like nut butter, yogurt, or tofu should follow, then fresh fruits and vegetables.

For your top layer, add heavier frozen fruits, which will help push the ingredients down toward the blades. You can think of this as flavorful ice that’s going to create body and oomph to your smoothie.

Start your blender on low, then increase to full speed for at least a minute. While the ingredients mix, you can add powders, fiber or collagen. For a frostier drink, try adding a few ice cubes at the very end.

If you're still not getting the smoothie you want, Consumer Reports says it might be your blender. Tests reveal big differences when it comes to blending icy drinks. 

CR recommends the Vitamix Professional Series 750 for $550. But for less than half that price, consider the Dash Chef Series Digital for $200.

Consumer Reports says you can use the same layering strategy with a personal blender. Just reverse the order of the ingredients, because you’ll flip the container over to blend.

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