Lunchables Shortage: Kids' Favorite Missing From Some Stores

Demand for Lunchables is at an all-time high, their maker told News4

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Where’s the cold pepperoni pizza or the turkey, cheese and cracker kit? 

If you’ve shopped for Lunchables and found empty shelves, you’re not alone. 

Demand for Lunchables is at an all-time high, their maker, The Kraft Heinz Company, told News4. 

“Lunchables is seeing double-digit growth for the first time in 5 years,” a spokeswoman said in a statement. 

News4 checked the deli section of one D.C.-area grocery store and found empty shelves. Outside Philadelphia, a parent spotted empty shelves and a sign saying not to expect a regular supply until next year. 

Here's what one Philadelphia-area parent recently saw. (Credit: Cara Bartholomew)

A number of Facebook users said on Lunchables’ page that they were having trouble finding the meal kits. 

“My child needs pepperoni pizza lunchables in his life and I can’t find them anywhere!!” one user wrote. 

“School starts next week. Pizza lunchables was a go-to,” another said. 

Kraft Heinz says they're working to get more Lunchables in stores. The company is investing in supply chains and has teams “working fast & furiously so our retailers and consumers can get more of the Kraft Heinz products they love,” they said. 

For those who haven’t thought of Lunchables since childhood, dozens of types of meal kits with and without a Capri Sun are now available, including Pizza Kabobble pepperoni kabobs and Chicken Dunks chicken nuggets. 

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